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Amazfit Stratos Review (2021)

Amazfit Stratos GPS Multi-Sport Smartwatch Review (2021)


With Amazfit Stratos, the company has taken its fitness tracker smartwatches to the next level. Huami’s Amazfit Stratos is a smartwatch featuring multi-sport support, GPS tracker, V02 oxygen consumption measurements and more. This amazing smartwatch has been designed to please the gym goers as it comes with all the important features you need. The watch is priced very low which makes it a pretty good option for the buyers.

Stratos is a newly launched product from Huami which is a Xiaomi supported the brand. Considering the features of the watch, it seems like a great option at this budget range. It comes with many new features that you won’t find in other models of the same range. Before you plan to invest in the product, you should once take a look into the detailed review given below.


What Can Amazfit Stratos Do? Which Activities Are Supported?

The Stratos is known to support over 14 sports including running, walking, football, tennis, cross-country, skiing, triathlon, open water and swimming pool, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, and treadmills. With all these activities, Stratos makes an excellent fitness tracking watch.


For triathlon, the watch is designed in a way so that it can easily manage activities and transitions without stopping it. However, the watch still has some limitations that can be a bit annoying for demanding athletes. For example, the watch do4snt support external sensors. This, as a result, makes training data very limited especially when it comes to cycling. Other than that speed and distance measured by the watch is not accurate. Also, cadence and power data is not provided by the watch.


The good thing about Stratos is that you can use it both in the pool and at the sea. One thing that can disappoint the user is that optical cardio doesn’t work underwater. Because Stratos is offering so many cool features, it doesn’t have this particular function just like any other ordinary smartwatch.

Using the watch you can measure your swimming rate. Duration of the session. Several strokes in a minute, total distance covered, the average pace and the number of calories burnt. It also comes with a few other indicators as well.

Hiking (for a good measure)

For hiking, you can use the GPS navigation feature provided by the watch. The GPS feature comes with a compass, course recording, and an altimeter. You also get a barometer with the watch. However, it doesn’t have the thunderstorm alert function in it. Using the watch you can also get access to local weather but it needs a 3G/4G smartphone device with a dedicated application.

The watch also lacks the auto-pause function. However, you can pause the activity by just placing your hand on top of the screen.


How Accurate Is the Amazfit Stratos GPS Multisport Watch?

When you buy a fitness tracking or multi-sport smartwatch, the most important thing you expect is for it to be accurate. After a lot of research and scanning user reviews, we concluded the following points.

  • Altimeter and GPS navigation provided by the watch is fairly reliable. But the problem is that you cannot calibrate the altimeter manually.
  • As far as physiological measurements are concerned, it is based on heart rate and its variability. This means if this data is wrong then even the physiological measurements including training effect, recovery time, etc., are also incorrect. Not just that but even voice coaching and personalised training can also go wrong because of this. If you want to get more accurate results then you are advised to use a chest belt.
  • Sleep analysis feature offered by the watch also seems to be very unreliable.
  • As far as we know even the optical sensor of the watch is not very reliable. The measurements provided by it are delayed by 10 to 20 heartbeats and are approximate. However, the company has made efforts to fix this problem by smoothing the data but it hasn’t been of much help. Due to this glitch, the device may fail to track rapid increase and decrease in heart rate.


From the above points, we get the idea that Stratos isn’t a super reliable device when it comes to measurements. This type of inconsistency can make you worry about second guesses to be sure whether your watch is right or not. If you are expecting to get accurate results then you should look for other options.


What Are the Features of Amazfit Stratos?

When it comes to features, Stratos has a lot of things to offer. Surprisingly, a watch within this budget is offering so much. The main features of Stratos include:

  1. The watch comes with a 1.3 inch LCD for apps and other functions.
  2. It also has 4 GB internal memory with 512 GB RAM.
  3. The watch is designed with a dual-core, 1.2 GHz processor which quickly boost up the system to load apps.
  4. It also has a VO2max fitness level analysis which can track every aspect of your daily fitness. This includes steps taken, distance travelled, heart rate, sleep quality and calories burned.
  5. The watch is made 5ATM water-resistant which means you can wear the watch in rain and even underwater.



As far as connectivity features are concerned, the watch is compatible with both ios and android devices. You can connect your watch with your smartphone device using different ways. The watch provides you with Bluetooth smart wireless data transfer. But using this feature can drain your battery fast. Other than that you also have Wi-Fi connectivity. The good thing is that you can connect Stratos even with your PC.


Apps & Widgets of Amazfit Startos Sports Watch

Stratos is designed to be compatible with both android and ios devices which is great. To use the watch with your phone you need to first download the Stratos app on your device. If you have a Xiaomi account then you can use it to sign in to the app.

It is worth mentioning that the pairing process is indeed smooth. This will give you a better experience using the watch with your smartphone device.

The problem with the Stratos app is that it doesn’t have much to offer. It allows you to change settings from imperial to metric. However, the changes that you make is not shown on the watch. Other options such as do not disturb mode, auto-upload data, etc., can be changed only on the watch.


Construction of Amazfit Stratos Watch

There is no doubt that the watch looks excellent in the photos. But unfortunately, in reality, it isn’t that happening as you think it to be.

The watch has a bulky constriction with large buttons and a thick regular dial. Even if the large display is useful but the overall look of the watch isn’t great at all. Also, the watch is too bulky to give you a comfortable feel for daily use.

The watch is equipped with a silicone strap which gives you a perfect fit. The good thing is that it doesn’t cause any problems.

The main weak point of the watch is its display. It comes with an always-on display which is good but that’s all it has. The glass used on the top is very reflective and thus, it causes problems for you to see the watch under bright light. If you are wearing it on a bright sunny day you will hardly be able to see what’s showing on the screen. Even the backlight of the watch is hurting our eyes. This is especially true when you are using it in low lit areas as it lights up the whole screen.

Overall, if we have to judge the construction of the watch, it isn’t that pretty at all. It’s too bulky and uncomfortable for daily use.


How Long Does the Amazfit Stratos Battery Last?

One of the good things about Stratos is that it comes with a long battery life of five days. If you are not using the GPS navigation feature then it can even last up to seven long days on a single charge. This kind of performance is considered to be great for a smartwatch of this price range.

The battery drains very quickly when you start tracking workouts using the GPS feature. Features that are responsible for draining excessive battery power are disabled. Even features like Bluetooth can drain a lot of power in very less time. So if you are using a chest belt or listen to music during your workouts then your watch will last only for a few hours.


What’s Included With the Purchase of Amazfit Stratos GPS Watch?

Stratos, as you already know, is a premium smartwatch with GPS tracking. The watch comes packed in a nice box with all the items included in it. As soon as you unpack the box you will see the following items.

  1. Amazfor Stratos watch
  2. One USB charging dock
  3. Manual guide for your help
  4. Warranty card



From the above discussion, we can conclude that Stratos is a decent smartwatch which is available at an affordable rate. It has many features to offer but the problem is that the watch isn’t that reliable. Also, the look of the watch is not impressive. In other words, this watch is ideal for people who are looking for a decent model within a budget price. For those who are expecting more should look for some other option.


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  1. GraemeW

    I’ve found the biggest limitation of this watch is that some activities do not sync to Strava (and possibly other 3rd party web apps?). I have found this with pool swimming (indoor / no GPS), and triathlon events (multiple disciplines, including transitions). These activities record, and you can review the data on the screen of your smartphone in the Amazfit app, but that is a very limited interface. I’d like to be able to view/analyse/store the data on a web-based app such as Strava.

    Does anyone know if this can be done with Strava?
    if not with Strava, is there any other app (TrainingPeaks, RunWithGPS, …) that properly syncs with data from the Amazfit watch (Stratos-2)?


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