Top 16 Best Triathlon Shorts for Men/Women

Triathlons present a unique challenge that spans multiple disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. Each leg of the race requires athletes to perform at their best, which is partly enabled by specialized gear designed to enhance comfort, reduce drag, and withstand the rigors of the sport. Triathlon shorts are a key element of this gear, with options tailored specifically for men and women to accommodate differing anatomical requirements. These shorts are made from fabric that offers quick-drying properties, compression support, and minimal water resistance to transition smoothly between race stages.

When considering the best triathlon shorts, one must look for a pair that strikes the perfect balance between mobility and endurance. Materials such as polyamide and spandex are commonly used because they provide stretch and maintain shape even after hours of continuous use. Additionally, the chamois—the padding in the crotch area—is a critical feature that must offer enough comfort for the bike ride without hindering the swim or run sections of the race. The thickness, shape, and placement of the chamois vary by brand and gender, and finding the right match is essential for any triathlete.

Alongside material and chamois, the fit is another important aspect; it must be snug to prevent chafing but not so tight that it restricts movement. A waistband that stays in place, leg grippers that prevent the shorts from riding up, and flatlock seams to reduce irritation are details that make a difference in performance and comfort over long distances. Features such as pockets for nutrition and UPF protection are also worth considering for athletes who prioritize convenience and safety under the sun.

We’ve analyzed the market, factoring in material quality, chamois design, fit, and additional features, to determine the best triathlon shorts for both men and women. Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete or gearing up for your first race, choosing the right pair of triathlon shorts can have a significant impact on your race day experience.


Top 8 Best Triathlon Shorts for Men

Finding the right pair of triathlon shorts is crucial to our comfort and performance. We’ve searched and tested numerous options to bring you the lineup that stands above the rest. Our selected shorts are designed to provide the necessary support, quick-drying features, and comfort needed for all three disciplines. With a focus on quality and functionality, our list ensures that you’ll find the perfect pair to accompany you through every swim, bike, and run segment of your triathlon.


Zoot Core Tri Shorts

Zoot Men's Core 9-Inch Tri Shorts

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We think these Zoot Core Tri Shorts are a solid choice for triathletes seeking reliable performance and comfort.


  • Durable and comfortable material with seams that don’t chafe
  • Convenient pockets for essentials
  • Adequate padding for cycling without bulkiness


  • Inconsistent sizing in the leg sections
  • Some units have defects like strange material or damage
  • The waist may feel higher than expected for some users

We recently had the chance to try out the Zoot Men’s Core 9-Inch Tri Shorts, and we’ve got to say, they seem up to the task. Pulling the shorts on, the first thing we noticed was the snug, yet comfortable fit. They didn’t budge through various activities, which any triathlete knows is crucial whether you’re swimming, cycling, or sprinting.

During a cycle, the padding was minimal yet surprisingly effective. It provided just enough cushion to maintain comfort without the feeling of bulk that can come from some other triathlon shorts. Moreover, it’s a relief not to worry about chafing, a common concern when it comes to tri gear.

However, not everything was perfect. While the pockets are a nice touch for those long sessions when you need to carry gels or small items, the leg sizing seemed off. One leg was oddly looser than the other, which could become irritating on longer sessions. We were also a bit disappointed to find a couple of instances of defective materials on other pairs.

In our long ride test, the initial discomfort from the narrow pad faded away, which was a huge relief. The durability of the material became noticeable too; these shorts seem like they could withstand the demands of regular, rigorous training sessions. The high waist design may take some getting used to, but it didn’t dig in or roll down as some others do.

In conclusion, the Zoot Men’s Core Tri Shorts are a dependable option for triathletes who prioritize longevity and comfort. Be mindful of potential sizing issues, and if possible, inspect the product upon arrival for any defects. If you get a pair that fits well and is defect-free, these shorts are likely to support you well across many races and training sessions.


Sparx Elite Tri Shorts

Sparx Elite Men Triathlon Short

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We believe these Sparx Elite Tri Shorts are a catch for any triathlete looking for comfort and performance in their racewear.


  • Lightweight fabric for no-fuss performance
  • Perfect amount of padding for all three disciplines
  • Durable material that retains its shape use after use


  • Limited pocket utility for anything beyond basic needs
  • Legs may feel loose for those with slimmer thighs
  • Newcomers may find the fit different from typical bike shorts

Slipping into the Sparx Elite Tri Shorts, we immediately notice the snug fit and the supple fabric hugging our muscles without constriction. During a sprint along the beach, the benefits of the high-tech Lycra performer fabric are crystal clear. Not only does it support our movements, but it also wicks away sweat, which cuts down on chafing—something we definitely appreciate.

Hopping onto the bike, we find the padding to be just right. It’s sufficiently cushioned to soften the ride but not so bulky that it hinders us in the saddle or later on the run. In fact, the transition between cycling and running is as smooth as one could wish for, proving these shorts are designed with triathlon transitions in mind.

In terms of durability, these shorts are stalwarts. Stretch them to the limit and they bounce back to their original shape, showing no signs of bagging or sagging. While we’ve stored a gel or two in the pockets, anything more substantial might be pushing it. As for the fit around the legs, it’s a comfort you might grow to love or decide to adjust with a different size.

Overall, our experience with the Sparx Elite Tri Shorts underscores their reliability and efficiency, pairing nicely with the rest of our race-day gear.


MK Tri Shorts

MY KILOMETRE Mens Triathlon Shorts

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If you’re in the market for a pair of triathlon shorts that can keep up with rigorous training and race day, the MK Tri Shorts have got you covered.


  • Quick-drying fabric keeps you comfortable post-swim
  • Stretchy, with an adjustable fit that moves with your body during workouts
  • Useful pockets that are surprisingly sleek, yet roomy enough for essentials


  • The chamois may feel too bulky for those used to less padding
  • Some might find the fit a bit too snug around the thighs
  • Drawstrings may require frequent adjusting for an optimal fit

These MK Tri Shorts have been through it all with us—training sessions in the pool, long rides, and runs. They cling to the body in just the right way, making you feel secure without restriction. The breathable fabric wicks away sweat efficiently, a huge plus during those high-intensity intervals. As someone who’s lived in these, you’ll find them indispensable for triathlon prep.

Comfort won me over from the first time I donned them for a swim. Initially skeptical of the pad’s presence in the water, it turned out to be a non-issue, blending seamlessly into the swim. On the bike, that same padding provided welcome relief without compromising my pedal power.

Running in these shorts showcases their true versatility. The drawstring holds them in place, but it’s the pockets that prove their worth—a convenient stash for your gel packs without feeling weighed down. Despite their snug fit, they’ve held up through every stride and pedal stroke, demonstrating impressive durability.

Trust us—our extensive hands-on experience has shown that the MK Tri Shorts are up to par for your triathlon training and competition needs.



GHOST RACING Triathlon Shorts

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We recommend these shorts for triathletes seeking a balance of comfort and functionality across various race distances.


  • Effective leg grippers preventing ride-ups
  • Convenient mesh pockets for on-the-move nutrition
  • Suitable padding for medium-duration cycles


  • Limited padding might not suit longer bike legs
  • Only a handful of reviews available for reference
  • May require sizing adjustments for an optimal fit

Having recently taken these triathlon shorts for a spin, we noticed the snug fit complemented with an adjustable drawstring was indeed a solid combination for all three segments of our sprint triathlon. The leg gripper technology kept everything in place, and we appreciated not having to adjust mid-race.

During the cycling stage, the padding proved to be just enough without adding unwanted bulk. It’s a tough balance to strike, and these GHOST RACING shorts have managed that fairly well. For runs up to a 1/2 Ironman, we’d bet you’d be content with the level of cushioning.

We found the mesh pockets are a nifty addition. They’re stretched well and securely hold gels and small nutrition bars. This feature came in ultra-handy when we needed a quick energy boost without breaking stride. The polyester and spandex blend allowed for quick drying post-swim, and after a machine wash, they remained in shipshape.


SLS3 FX Tri Shorts

SLS3 Triathlon Shorts

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For a reliable and comfortable race day option, our SLS3 FX Tri Shorts deliver durable performance with a touch of style.


  • Perfect balance of compression and comfort
  • Quick-drying material aids in transition times
  • Useful rear zippered pocket for essentials


  • Sizing can be tricky; consider ordering a size up
  • Leg grips may slide during extensive cycling
  • Stitching durability may vary based on usage

We recently got our hands on the SLS3 FX Tri Shorts and were quite impressed with their performance from start to finish line. The swim was a breeze, thanks to the quick-drying fabric that didn’t weigh us down. Transitioning onto the bike, we appreciated the thoughtful placement of the padding—it provided just enough cushion without impeding our run.

On the bike, the drawstring was a godsend; it kept everything snug without being restrictive. And though we heard concerns about sizing, upsizing as recommended made for a stellar fit. During our ride, we kept a gel pack in the zippered pocket, which came in handy for that burst of energy needed towards the end.

While cycling, we did notice the leg grips could’ve been a little tighter, as we had to adjust the legs back down occasionally. It’s a small gripe, but one worth noting for those who are particular about their cycling gear. Post-race, we were overall thrilled with our experience. the shorts didn’t hold any unpleasant surprises. They’ve joined our essential gear list and we’re already planning to wear them for our next event.


Sparx Tri Shorts

Sparx Men Triathlon Shorts

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In our testing, we found these triathlon shorts offer just the right blend of comfort and versatility for all your race-day activities.


  • Quick-drying fabric ensures comfort during transitions
  • The thin padding is suitable for all three sports without causing drag
  • Secure pocket storage for essentials


  • Fit may vary, with some finding the thigh cuffs too loose
  • Durability might be a concern for intensive use
  • Limited color options available

Slipping into the Sparx Tri Shorts, we immediately noticed the snug yet accommodating fit. The stretch in the fabric, combined with the drawstring closure, meant we could adjust them to sit perfectly around our waist. As we moved from cycling to running, the thin padding was a relief – present but unobtrusive, exactly what’s needed for a smooth transition. The presence of a pocket was a nice touch, securely holding a gel or keys.

During a swim, the fabric really showed its merit. It resisted water well, and we didn’t feel dragged down as we might with traditional bike shorts. The lower moisture retention highlighted the superior design geared towards triathletes. Even when we picked up the pace on the bike, the shorts stayed firmly in place without any uncomfortable bunching or chafing.

One thing we did notice, however, was that over time, the leg cuffs might stretch out, particularly if the fit isn’t spot on to begin with. This did raise some questions about long-term durability. While we experienced the versatility and comfort claims firsthand, potential buyers should make sure they know their sizes well to avoid a baggy fit, especially around the thighs. The color choices are somewhat basic, which could be a downside for those who like to race in more vibrant gear.


Beroy Triathlon Shorts

Beroy Triathlon Shorts

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We found these Beroy Triathlon Shorts to be a great addition to our gear, offering comfort and utility at a reasonable price point.


  • Suitable for swim, bike, and run without discomfort
  • Features two convenient side pockets
  • Durable for regular, multi-sport use


  • May wear out faster than some higher-end shorts
  • Padding is minimal, which may affect comfort on longer rides
  • Only a small range of color options available

Training for a triathlon requires gear that can transition smoothly between sports. We took these Beroy Triathlon Shorts through their paces in the pool, on the bike, and on the run. They handled each segment admirably, drying quickly and moving with our body without any restriction. The fit was snug without feeling constrictive, crucial for any race day apparel.

The added convenience of having two side pockets cannot be overstated. We were able to stash our gels and small essentials, accessing them easily when needed. This feature particularly stands out on long training days when we prefer to carry extra fuel.

However, after putting these shorts through a rigorous training schedule, we noticed some signs of wear. It seems the fabric may not have the longevity we’ve seen in some premium brands, but considering the price, we think they still offer good value. The padding, although sufficient for short to medium distances, might not hold up for those of us spending long hours on the saddle. If you’re planning a half or full Ironman, you might look for something with a bit more cushioning.

Overall, we would recommend Beroy Triathlon Shorts for anyone needing reliable, multi-functional shorts for triathlon training and shorter races. They strike a good balance between functionality and value—just be mindful they might not be the forever shorts in your wardrobe.


PEARL iZUMi SELECT Pursuit Tri Shorts

PEARL iZUMi Men's Tri Shorts

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We think you’ll find these PEARL iZUMi shorts to be a strong contender in your triathlon gear due to their comfort and performance features.


  • Quick-drying fabric supports transition
  • Stretchy material offers superb range of motion
  • UPF 50+ protection shields from harmful UV rays


  • The padding may feel too minimal for long bike rides
  • Fit might be loose for some body types
  • Price may be a little steep for budget-conscious athletes

Slipping into the PEARL iZUMi Tri Shorts, we immediately noticed the breathable and stretchy material, which hugged our muscles without constraining movement. Perfect for our last triathlon, where the quick-dry feature truly shone, easing the transition from swim to bike.

During the cycle, the lower-profile padding—a stark contrast to bulkier cycling shorts—didn’t meet all expectations for extended rides. We experienced significantly less resistance in the saddle, though, and appreciated the lighter feel during the run.

What stood out to us was the UPF 50+ rating; sun protection is a big deal, and not every short offers it. However, a few of us had issues with the fit—something worth considering when picking your size. Despite the cost being on the higher end, investing in a pair of PEARL iZUMi Tri Shorts could support your triathlon goals greatly.


Buying Guide for Men

Comfort and Fit

When selecting triathlon shorts, comfort is paramount. We look for a snug, but not constrictive fit. The waistband should be firm to prevent slipping without causing discomfort. A proper leg grip is essential to avoid ride-up during the race. Premium materials such as nylon and spandex blends provide flexibility and ease of movement.


Chamois Padding

The chamois pad should have enough padding to support the bike segment without impeding the swim or run. We seek a quick-drying and non-bulky chamois for optimal performance.


Material and Durability

The material must withstand the demands of triathlon, offering both durability and stretch. It should also have excellent wicking properties to keep us dry, and offer sufficient compression to reduce muscle fatigue. UV protection is a beneficial feature for outdoor training and racing.


Storage Options

Pocket placement and security ensure our essentials are safe. We prefer shorts with strategically placed pockets that provide easy access while causing minimal drag in the water.

Leg Length

Triathlon shorts come in varying lengths. We choose based on personal preference, the conditions in which we’ll be racing, and the amount of coverage or compression we’re after.


Care Instructions

To maintain the integrity of the shorts, we follow care instructions rigorously, avoiding any potential damage from high heat or improper cleaning methods.

Feature Preference Rationale
Fit Snug and secure Prevents chafing and slippage
Chamois Padding Quick-drying, non-bulky Comfort for all segments
Material Wicking, durable, compressive Performance and longevity
Storage Accessible, secure pockets Convenience and efficiency
Leg Length Personal preference, race conditions Coverage and muscle support
Care Follow specific instructions Extends the life of the shorts


Top 8 Triathlon Shorts for Women

We understand the importance of comfort, performance, and durability in women’s triathlon shorts. Our selection includes options with the right balance of compression, padding, and aerodynamics to enhance your race day experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned triathlete, we’ve got the perfect pair for your needs.



MY KILOMETRE Womens Triathlon Shorts

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After thorough testing, we believe these triathlon shorts are a reliable choice for athletes seeking a comfortable fit and functional features.


  • Comfortable mid-rise fit with adjustable drawstring for a secure hold.
  • Convenient side pockets for on-the-go nutrition storage.
  • Adequate padding provides comfort without excess bulk during transition.


  • Snug leg openings may not suit all body types, requiring careful size selection.
  • The mid-thigh length may not be preferred by athletes who seek shorter shorts.
  • Limited thigh compression which may be a concern for some during high-intensity activities.

Our firsthand experience with the MY KILOMETRE Tri Shorts revealed a thoughtful balance between comfort and practicality. The mid-rise design coupled with an adjustable drawstring ensures a snug fit that stays in place whether we’re cycling uphill or sprinting toward the finish line.

The side pockets are a standout feature, flawlessly blending convenience with sleek design. We were able to stash our gels and small items effortlessly, accessing them with ease mid-race. It’s this kind of seamless integration that makes a world of difference in a triathlon setting.

The padding hits the sweet spot for us. It’s there, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t interfere when we shift from bike to run. We appreciated the thought that went into designing a chamois that supports us in the saddle but doesn’t hinder our stride on foot.


SLS3 Tri Shorts

SLS3 Triathlon Shorts

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If you’re gearing up for your next triathlon, we recommend these shorts for their comfortable fit and performance.


  • Supportive without being constrictive
  • Quick-drying material aids transition
  • Adequate padding for cycling without bulkiness during the run


  • Lacks pockets for on-the-go nutrition
  • May not suit those preferring longer leg coverage
  • Color selection is limited

After slipping into these SLS3 Triathlon Shorts, we instantly appreciated how the fabric complements our natural movements, offering support without feeling too tight. The spandex blend adapts seamlessly to our curves, allowing us to focus on the race without any distractions from our gear.

Transitioning between triathlon stages can be a make-or-break moment, and we were relieved to find how quickly these shorts dried post-swim. They manage moisture effectively, meaning no uncomfortable squelch as we jump on our bikes or take off on the run.

The padding has been a game-changer during our cycling legs. It provides just enough cushioning for comfort but isn’t so thick that it hinders our ability to run after. It’s this balance that often eludes many triathlon shorts, yet SLS3 nails it. However, we did miss having a pocket or two for stashing essentials like gels or keys. And if you prefer more thigh coverage, the length might feel a touch too short. The color options could also be broader to cater to different style preferences.


Zoot Core Tri Shorts

Zoot Women’s Core 6-Inch Tri Shorts

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We should definitely consider these shorts for their comfort and utility in short to mid-distance races.


  • Supportive yet minimal padding
  • Easy access side pockets
  • Attractive design appeals to various style preferences


  • Sizing may be inconsistent
  • Waistband could be tight for some
  • Minimal padding might not suffice for longer rides

After a brisk swim and quick transition onto the bike, we find the Zoot Core Tri Shorts provide ample comfort during the ride. The low-profile padding is just enough without getting in the way during the run. Diving right into a mid-distance triathlon, these tri shorts stay put, eliminating the worry about any awkward adjustments.

The transition from bike to run often reveals the true character of triathlon shorts, and in this case, we’re impressed. The fabric dries swiftly, and despite being drenched earlier, we’re not carrying the lake along for the 10K. The side pockets are subtly integrated, which is perfect for stowing a gel without it jostling around.

After putting these shorts through the paces, we’re pleased with their durability. No signs of wear despite the saddle’s constant friction and the occasional tug during transitions. It’s also reassuring that while we pass others adjusting their gear, we’re focused solely on the finish line, thanks to a reliable fit. However, it’s wise to try these on first or check the sizing chart thoroughly, as our experience suggests they run a tad small, especially around the waist.


Sparx Energy Tri Shorts

Sparx Energy Women Triathlon Shorts

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If you’re after triathlon shorts that strike a balance between comfort and performance, these are a solid pick.


  • Supportive without being restrictive
  • Durable fabric that retains shape
  • Moisture-wicking material helps keep the skin dry


  • Some might find the waistband loose
  • Lack of a drawstring could be a nuisance for runners
  • The sizing can be tricky, leading to a less than ideal fit

Sparx Energy Tri Shorts bridge the gap between strenuous workout demands and the need for comfort. We appreciate the thoughtful blend of polyamide and elastane, which allows these shorts to stretch generously while snapping back to form. Their durability shines, resisting abrasion even on the longest rides or runs.

The reduced padding is a bonus, not compromising comfort but ensuring we don’t carry extra water weight after a swim. The snug fit around the thighs gives us the compression we crave, keeping everything in place without squeezing too tight, which is critical for optimizing performance.

However, it’s worth noting that the waistband could be problematic for some. Those of us needing a tighter fit around the midsection might miss the security of a drawstring, especially when transitioning from biking to running. Additionally, sizing might be a bit hit or miss, so it’s important to double-check measurements before purchasing. Despite these drawbacks, they remain a staple for anyone involved in triathlon training or competitions, especially when you consider the price point.


Zimco Core 8-Inch Tri Shorts

Zimco Triathlon Shorts

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We find these Zimco Core tri shorts to be a solid choice for triathletes looking for a comfortable and efficient transition between sports.


  • Lightweight fabric provides quick-dry comfort
  • Reduced padding suitable for running, cycling, and swimming
  • Durable Lycra allows for excellent stretch and recovery


  • Some may find the material too thin for their preference
  • Padding might be less than anticipated for longer bike rides
  • Select feedback suggests issues with sizing

Our most recent swim-bike-run session was notably more comfortable thanks to the quick-drying nature of these tri shorts. The minimal padding, contrary to the bulkier bike shorts, didn’t hold us back when we transitioned to the run. We’ve really started to appreciate this during our brick workouts.

Durability in activewear is a must, and we’ve been impressed by how these shorts maintain their shape despite rigorous training sessions. The Lycra fabric seems to bounce right back after being stretched, which is crucial when you’re frequently switching between disciplines.

Breathability is another high point, something we’ve found to be deficient in some tri shorts. It’s essential when you’re piling on the miles under the sun, and these shorts pass muster, keeping us cool as we power through our training.

We advise you to consider the sizing and fit, as we’ve encountered mixed reviews there. For the best fit, look over the size chart carefully before making a purchase. While we found the pad’s thinness to be beneficial for triathlon use, those gearing up for longer bike stints might prefer a bit more cushion.


Canari Tri-Shorts

Canari Triathlon Cycling Shorts

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We found these triathlon shorts deliver on comfort and performance, definitely a solid choice for shorter races and training sessions.


  • Supportive fit that moves with your body through all three triathlon segments
  • Fabric dries rapidly, ideal for transition from swim to bike
  • Leg grippers provide a slip-free fit, keeping the shorts in place


  • Minimal padding may not suffice for longer bike rides
  • After several washes, the fit might loosen up a bit
  • The rear coverage could be higher for better comfort during the cycle

Through our experiences with different triathlon gear, we’ve come to appreciate the Canari Tri-Shorts for their versatile fit. Designed to be worn during all three parts of a triathlon, the material stands out for its quick-drying properties. This is a big plus, as we don’t waste precious seconds in transition waiting for our gear to dry.

Comfort has not been overlooked, with the 6-panel design ensuring the shorts conform nicely to our form. This design makes it easy to forget we’re even wearing them, which allows us to focus on the race ahead. While the shorts provide enough padding for cycling, they also don’t absorb much water or feel cumbersome during the run, maintaining a comfortable feel throughout.

We also appreciate the non-intrusive leg grippers. Nothing is more irritating than having to tug at your gear mid-race. Thankfully, these shorts stay put, letting us maintain a streamlined form. However, for those of us with endurance events in mind, the padding might feel too scanty for long-distance comfort. Some of us noticed a slight stretch in the material after several washes. Also, a few of us had to tug the shorts up at the back during rides, suggesting the rise could do with a bit more fabric for full coverage.

Overall, our team’s consensus is that the Canari Tri-Shorts would suit anyone looking for a reliable pair for shorter courses or pool-based training. They combine the necessary elements of fit, function, and comfort without any unnecessary bulk.


Pearl iZUMi Pursuit Tri Shorts

Pearl iZUMi Pursuit Tri Shorts

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We believe these tri shorts are a worthy addition to any triathlete’s wardrobe for their balance of comfort and performance.


  • Excellent blend of nylon and Lycra for a snug yet flexible fit
  • Simple care routine — machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Quick-dry fabric is advantageous for transitioning between triathlon stages


  • Waistband may be tight for some, consider sizing up for a better fit
  • Padding might be too thin for athletes preferring more cushioning
  • Drawstrings may interfere slightly during intense activity

In our latest session, the Pearl iZUMi Pursuit Tri Shorts proved to be a trustworthy companion. Thanks to the stretchy fabric blend, our movement felt unrestricted whether we were cycling or running. Moreover, we appreciated not having to fuss over intricate washing instructions since they’re quite effortless to maintain, going straight into the machine wash without a hitch.

However, there’s no overlooking that the shorts might pose a snug fit issue for some. We noticed the waist could feel somewhat tight, hinting at the need to order a size up for those who prioritize comfort over compression. And while the quick-dry feature was a hit, given the rapid transitions in a triathlon, the padding’s slim profile gave us pause. It’s sufficient for short distances but might leave you longing for more on longer rides.

When it came to the small details, we found the drawstrings could be a tiny obstruction, albeit a manageable one. They didn’t diminish the overall satisfaction we had, as the shorts stayed put during vigorous activities. For those seeking a balance between a firm fit and comfortable endurance wear, the Pearl iZUMi Pursuit Tri Shorts are a contender that should not be overlooked.


Zoot Core Tri Shorts

Zoot Women’s Core 8-Inch Tri Shorts

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We think these triathlon shorts are a solid choice for their comfort and utility during the race.


  • Offers a snug fit without restricting movement
  • Convenient hip pockets for race essentials
  • Drawstring closure adds to a secure feel


  • Padding might be too thin for longer rides
  • Hand wash only – less convenient for frequent use
  • Limited total number of product reviews for a comprehensive consensus

After slipping into these triathlon shorts for a recent sprint event, the first thing we noticed was the unobtrusive fit. They hugged our form well without any sense of constriction. This is crucial as we transitioned between race stages. The mid-rise cut also hit just the right spot to keep everything in place without having to adjust mid-stride.

The hip pockets are a detail we cannot recommend enough. They provided quick access to energy gels, which can be a game-changer when every second counts. Moreover, the security of the drawstring closure meant we weren’t worried about any wardrobe mishaps as we pushed our pace.

However, we must address the padding, especially after a notably uncomfortable 40km bike leg. For those looking at longer races or training rides, the thin pad might detract from the otherwise excellent performance of these shorts. Additionally, the “hand wash only” care instruction could be a turn-off for athletes who prefer the convenience of machine washing.

With their practical design and features, the Zoot Women’s Core 8-Inch Tri Shorts stand out as a reliable option for triathletes. Despite the few drawbacks, we’ve remained quite pleased with our overall experience.


Buying Guide for Women

When choosing the best triathlon shorts for women, we consider several key features to ensure comfort, performance, and durability. Here’s what to look for:


Fabric and Material

The shorts should be made from a high-quality, quick-drying fabric that offers both compression and flexibility. Look for materials that provide UPF protection to safeguard your skin from the sun’s rays during outdoor activities.


Comfort and Fit

A proper fit is crucial for preventing chafing and discomfort. We look for shorts with a snug, but not overly tight, fit that remains comfortable throughout all triathlon stages. An adjustable waistband can also enhance fit and comfort.


Chamois Pad

The chamois pad is essential for cycling comfort. We recommend looking for a tri-specific pad that’s thinner and more flexible than traditional cycling shorts, allowing for ease of movement during the swim and run.

Feature Importance Description
Fabric High Quick-drying, UPF protection, stretch
Fit High Snug, adjustable waist, no chafing
Chamois High Tri-specific, comfortable for all stages


Pockets and Storage

Ample, secure storage for nutrition and essentials without impeding performance or causing drag in the water is important. Look for pockets that are strategically placed and designed to minimize resistance.


Leg Grippers

Secure leg grippers are important to prevent the shorts from riding up. We prefer silicone grippers for a secure hold that doesn’t pinch or restrict blood flow.

By prioritizing these features, we ensure that our choice in triathlon shorts will enhance our triathlon experience.

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