Best Cheap Triathlon Watches (2024)

Best Actually Cheap Triathlon Watches

I’m here to cut through the noise and help you find the best budget watch for triathlon. You’re probably wondering what the best budget watch for triathlon is. From my experience, the answer isn’t just about finding the absolute cheapest option; it’s about striking a balance between cost and functionality. That said, while Coros Pace … Read more

Top 8 Best Energy Gels for Triathlon

Best Energy Gels for Triathlon

Endurance sports like triathlons demand not only rigorous training but also a well-thought-out nutrition strategy. Athletes must constantly replenish their energy reserves to maintain a high level of performance throughout swimming, cycling, and running stages. Energy gels have become favored by triathletes for their convenient, portable nature and their quick absorption of carbohydrates into the … Read more

Top 8 Best Heart Rate Monitors for Triathletes

Best Heart Rate Monitors for Triathletes

Heart rate monitors have become a pivotal training aid for athletes looking to maximize their performance, particularly for the multi-sport discipline of triathlons. These devices allow triathletes to train more effectively by providing real-time feedback on their cardiovascular effort, making it easier to gauge intensity levels during swimming, cycling, and running segments. The right heart … Read more

Top 8 Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Triathlon cycling shoes are a unique fusion of technology, comfort, and speed, specifically designed for the demands of triathlon racing where every second counts. With the cycling leg being a significant portion of any triathlon, it’s crucial for athletes to maximize their performance during this phase. These shoes differ from regular road cycling shoes mainly … Read more

Top 8 Best Triathlon Transition Bags

Best Triathlon Transition Bags

Triathlons demand not only a versatile skill set from athletes but also require meticulous preparation and organization. Transition bags are specially designed to hold all the gear one might need during a triathlon, allowing for swift and efficient transitions between swimming, cycling, and running. These bags are the unsung heroes of triathlon gear, built to … Read more

Top 8 Best Triathlon Running Shoes

Best Triathlon Running Shoes

Triathlons demand athletes to push their limits across swimming, cycling, and running. For the running leg, having the right shoes is a game-changer. Triathlon running shoes blend the world of competitive running with the unique demands of triathletes. These shoes are engineered to be quickly slipped on and off in transition areas, offer a comfortable … Read more

Top 16 Best Triathlon Shorts for Men/Women

Best Triathlon Shorts

Triathlons present a unique challenge that spans multiple disciplines: swimming, cycling, and running. Each leg of the race requires athletes to perform at their best, which is partly enabled by specialized gear designed to enhance comfort, reduce drag, and withstand the rigors of the sport. Triathlon shorts are a key element of this gear, with … Read more

Top 6 Best Aero Helmets for Triathlon

Best Aero Helmets for Triathlon

In triathlon, every second counts, and one of the most effective ways to shave off precious time is by investing in aerodynamic equipment. Aero helmets, specifically designed for triathlon races, are a critical piece of gear that can make a significant impact on performance. These helmets are engineered to reduce drag, allowing athletes to cut … Read more

Top 8 Best Triathlon Bike Helmets

Best Triathlon Bike Helmets

Triathlon bike helmets are an essential piece of safety equipment for any triathlete. Designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight, these helmets provide protection during cycling portions of a triathlon while minimizing drag and not adding unnecessary weight. They often feature elongated tails to smooth airflow over a rider’s back and have vents strategically placed to … Read more

Top 8 Best Triathlon Bike Cases

Best Triathlon Bike Cases

Triathlon bike cases are indispensable for athletes who travel with their bikes to races. These cases are specifically designed to protect bikes during transit, whether by air, land, or sea. Since triathlon bikes are valuable and often highly customized investments, ensuring their safe transport is a priority for every triathlete. The best triathlon bike cases … Read more