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Coros Pace Review (2021)

Coros Pace GPS Multisport Smartwatch Review (2021)


Coros Pace GPS multisport smartwatch has been designed mainly for triathlons as it’s got a “triathlon mode” and tracks swim, bike and run sessions separately, too, so marathons, freestyle swims and the like are also on the menu. It’s fairly intuitive and simple in terms of design & functions. Pretty straight forward.


It will not be an overstatement to say that the Coros Pace GPS Multisport watch has been introduced to fill the gap between high-end smartwatches and consumer-oriented fitness trackers. It was first launched in 2018, so you can expect most if not all the potential issues to be patched out via software updates by now. Coros Pace, also referred to as Pace M1, is Coros’ first tri watch and the first smartwatch as well, it came out quite nicely.

What Can Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch Do? What Activities Does It Support?

As from the very name of this product, one can tell that it is a multisport watch.  It has been mainly designed to meet the fitness goal of triathletes. Even though the watch cannot cover every activity under the sun like some competitor models (cough, Garmin, cough), it excels at tracking activities that it supports still (swimming, cycling, running). The watch offers a triathlon mode that will let you switch between different workout modes amidst training. Now, let us find how this watch can turn out to be the best companion for triathlon workouts:


This watch will measure your swimming metrics both in open water and in pool swimming. In both these swimming sessions, the watch can log an accurate GPS track and distance tracking even in the water. The watch uses BDS, GLONASS and GPS and also permits you to switch between the three GPS modes. The modes include GPS+GLONASS, GPS+BDS and GPS alone. GPS stays consistent even on longer swimming hours. To test its water-resistant feature, I used the watch underwater. Even though the performance was not horrible, it struggles a little bit for underwater monitoring. As against many smartwatches available in the market that does not support open water swimming, which is a bit tricky, this watch enables both open-water and pool water swim tracking.


The watch supports both outdoor and indoor cycling sessions. The Pace comes with a built-in heart rate monitor that keeps track of your heart rate when you are engaged in cycling workout sessions and even in other workout sessions. With the associated Coros App, you can completely tailor your training region. You can do it by fine-tuning your max and reserve heart rate. In addition to providing you with post-training statistics, this watch will also process the information to provide you complete details about the intensity minutes and calories burnt. Another crucial feature to help with your cycling sessions is that Accurate Elevation Reading offered by Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch. The elevation reading becomes possible for this watch due to the barometric altimeter. As against other watches using GPS for measuring elevation, this water uses the pressure of the earth atmosphere to determining altitude.


When you use this watch for running exercise, you can get cadence data. The watch provides the facility to add interval training features for running. Further, it provides support for HR/Cadence/Speed and ANT+ Sensors. There is also the dynamic running mode feature in this smartwatch. I’m of the opinion that when running, things look to work fairly well. It will continue to provide you different metrics regardless of whether you run outdoors or indoors in your treadmill. When you choose running as your workout, you have the option to choose one of the three modes to track your running. The modes include workouts, racing and just running.


Similar to running, this watch can provide you complete metrics about your walking sessions both for indoor and outdoor workouts. As the watch will help you count daily steps along with calories burnt and will help with heart rate monitoring, this watch can turn out to be your best companion for your walking sessions as well.


How Accurate Is Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch?

When talking about the accuracy of the product, I feel that this watch has an impressive GPS Tracking. As far as the heart rate accuracy is concerned, it’s pretty reasonable.

As far as GPS accuracy during open-water swimming, it is complex. However, it’s not horrible.


What to know about the features of Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch?

You will probably look for some basic features that you can find in pretty any other smartwatch. Of course, it comes with basic features along with some advanced features. Before getting into the advanced features, let us first gather some details about the basic features of this watch:

  • Timer: As it helps with activity tracking, you can set the timer for your workout sessions with this watch. Even, you will find facilities like lap time and elapsed time.
  • Distance tracking: It has an excellent set of metrics for tracking the distance you have traveled. This will happen regardless of whether you get into swimming, running, walking and cycling.
  • Smart Features: Similar to the basic feature found in other smartwatches, the Coros Pace connects to your smartphone and permits you to see incoming notifications. With a screen 240 x 240 screen resolution, you can get a clear picture of these details on the go. Even, you can scroll down to learn more.

When these basic features are obviously present in Coros Pace GPS Multisport watch, still there are some advanced features to look out:

  • Triathlon mode: If you are into triathlon, one of the favorite features to look for in Coros Pace GPS Multisport watch is the triathlon mode. It will help with tracking all three sports like biking/cycling, swimming and running in a single session. With this facility, you can switch between varied workout modes in the middle of the training session. Also, finally you can sell the overall time for all workouts.
  • Accelerometer: Coros Pace encompasses accelerometers. It will help with tracking your steps more accurately. Furthermore, the cadence in running measurement is also a good addition.
  • Barometer: It will be good to say that inclusion of barometer is a good idea that too at this cost, it is an attractive feature in this watch. The reason is that barometer is found only in high-end sports and fitness watches. Otherwise, it is also used in low-cost activity trackers that are not meant for multiple sports. This feature in a multisport watch at this price tag makes this watch a worthy choice.
  • Built-in heart rate monitor: Pace comes with a built-in heart rate monitor. It will record your heart rate when you run, cycle and even when you swim. Further, it will provide complete details about calorie count, recovery recommendations, recovery time and race predictor. You can also get the most accurate post-training statistics and can make your training more efficient.
  • Resistance: The watch is sweat, rain, snow and water-resistant. It has been designed to perform at its best even in the most challenging outdoor atmosphere. The water resistance is up to 50 meters or 165 feet.



With things known about the basic and advanced features of the Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch, you will now be interested in knowing how this watch connects to your smartphone. The watch pairs to your smartphone through Bluetooth connection, which is functional and enabled. Moreover, the process of pairing both will be pretty easy and clean. You will have to just use your smartphone to scan a QR code on your watch to connect each other.

In addition to connecting your watch and phone through Bluetooth and QR Code Scanning, you also have the option to use the ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart Sensors. It will not be an overstatement that after the firmware release, the watch now offers improved Bluetooth connectivity flow.


Apps & Widgets in Coros Pace GPS Multisport watch

The Coros Pace GPS Watch has the concept called Widget Pages. Here, you will be in a position to get details from the barometer, compass, your present heart rate, time of the day, steps, clock and smart notifications on the face of the watch. When talking about the widget chart in this watch everything including the font type and even the icons of some sport mode icons are very much similar to the Garmin FR735 and FR935 watches.

When talking about the apps, I should say the Pace rightly syncs with some third-party services like Strava. Further, when the watch syncs to the Coros mobile app, it will continue monitoring your workouts, heart rate and steps. Through the mobile app, you can also do some super-basic configurations. The app also offers different metrics for your running sessions.


What to know about the construction of the Coros Pace GPS Watch?

The watch comes with soft-to-touch silicon band and it is also well-ventilated to make sure that the users will experience the best comfort when using it.

When talking about the design of the watch, most reviewers are highly satisfied with the top-notch design. It looks just like a rolled off Garmin’s production line. However, as against five buttons in more Garmin smartwatches, it has four buttons. I should say one thing here. If you cannot see the Coros brand logo in this watch, you will think it be either Garmin Forerunner 235 or 735 XT watch. Even, a similar clamp-style charger is used in this watch. The available color choices are blue-black, red-black and black-grey.

Comfort aspect of Coros Pace is highly appreciable. It is due to this facility, it can be worn all through the day in your gym. Further, the screen is clear and give a quick glance of the metrics when you are engaged in your workout sessions. Coros has used plastic material for the case, silicone for the band and these two things have contributed to the lightweight of the watch. The watch has a glass face and the house is durable to scratches. The face is visually pleasing with the LED display that is always on and it is a color screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.


How long does the battery last in Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch?

The battery in this watch is rechargeable Lithium-ion 310 mAh battery. Battery life claimed by Coros is very impressive in this watch. Yes, the company claims that the standby battery life is 30 days. When you use it with an active GPS connection, you will get 30 hours of the battery as per the words of Coros.

Reviewers feel that the battery does not hold the promised level in standby mode.


How about the longevity of the product as a whole?

Most reviewers are highly satisfied with the impressive design of the watch. Not just impressive, it is a durable design to stay longer. Of course, the strap might wear out with daily usage. But, when this happens, you need not have worry as you can easily go for a replacement strap. Without any doubt, it is designed to stay longer with you.


What will you get with the purchase of this product?

When you shop for this multisport watch, you will get the following in the box:

  • Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable

You can charge this watch using a power bank, through your laptop or even by attaching the USB cable to a suitable power socket. Make sure to use a quality socket to ensure the durability of this product.

In addition to these items in the box, you can also find many compatible accessories and apps from the official Coros website to make the Pace even friendlier to you to provide you with the accurate metrics to help you know your exact level of fitness.


Should you buy Coros Pace GPS Multisport Watch?

If you are into triathlon, you can confidently go for this smart and fitness watch. You can effectively track swimming, biking and running in a single session. If you are an athlete practicing different sports and if you look for a watch with an impressive design, you can choose it.


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