Do I Need a Triathlon Watch

You don’t really need a triathlon watch – you’ll probably want one though. Here’s some reasons as to why…

Whether you’re pursuing a healthy lifestyle casually or want to be competitive in triathlon and other related sports, you might be wondering whether you need a tri watch or not. You can keep track of some things fairly easily without a multi-purpose sports watch. Back in the day, we had our usual clock/stopper + pen + paper to keep track of our progress if we ever wanted to simply just get motivated by our improvement over time. In case we were more serious about it, we had a coach timing it all in our stead. Not the most convenient way of doing things nowadays, but back then it did the trick.

In a sense, a triathlon watch can be very helpful, but you don’t need the top of the line watch to reap the benefits of one, a wallet-friendly multi-purpose ticker might be enough for you.


Why You Might Not Need a Triathlon Watch?

If you’re tight on money, you don’t really need a triathlon watch as it can be relatively expensive. Even a cheaper (old, too) true triathlon watch can cost around $200.

Why You Might Not Need a Triathlon Watch?

A super simple sports watch will cover your running leg just fine, and that alone can be motivating enough for moving you forward and improving. You might be seriously considering a regular sports watch that can do the job to some extent. Why invest money in a triathlon watch, right?

A triathlon watch is a specially designed gadget for this multisport. These collect and provide real-time data regarding your swimming, cycling, and running performance. You get every crucial detail on your wrist without needing the support of a personal coach nor do you have to shake your brain cells to fill the gaps with crucial information during training and/or racing even. It helps you by constantly monitoring your performance so that you can adjust your efforts during training sessions so as to improve and perform better. Yes, of course, if your IQ is abnormally high, you might get away with getting the much needed information simply by observation, but if you’re like me or 99% of the rest of us without a personal coach either, you’ll wish you had an all-in-one triathlon watch doing all that for you.


Why You Might Want a Triathlon Watch

A decent triathlon watch is like your own personal do-it-all coach that not only gives you feedback when you’re going too slow, too fast, or the wrong way entirely, etc, but also motivates you to improve. It’s kind of like a training partner with your former self. It gives you confidence and allows you to focus on doing your best in what matters.

Why You Might Want a Triathlon Watch

A single do-it-all device greatly simplifies your life. The watch is designed to do a lot of the mundane part of “thinking” (calculating your speed, the distance, time, laps, etc) for you as you either run, bike, swim, and more. A quick glance at the watch is like a confirmation on how you feel doing all those things. If you’re feeling a little off, a quick glance at the watch can either assure that everything’s as it should be or help correct your pace. It can get you back on track either by motivating you to speed things up just a tiny bit or slow down to save up the energy for whatever is yet to come.

Woah! All that makes it sound otherworldly. Don’t worry though. A tri watch doesn’t do your dishes nor will it calculate the path to success, though I wouldn’t mind the latter… As much as it simplifies your life, it won’t have control over you.


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