Garmin Instinct 2 Review (2023)

If you’re plunging into the triathlon world and looking for a watch that won’t make your wallet cry, the Garmin Instinct 2 might just be your golden ticket.

Released in 2022, this gadget packs a punch with its swim, cycle, and run features, tailor-made for triathletes. It’s not just about being water-friendly or having a smart GPS; it’s about getting a watch that understands the grind of a triathlete, without being overly complex for beginners. Plus, the price? It’s like finding a luxury car for the price of a sedan.

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What Can It Do?

Garmin Instinct 2 is like a triathlete’s Swiss Army knife. It’s packed with features specifically for swim, bike, and run. The triathlon modes are spot on for tracking each discipline in a race. It’s not just a watch, it’s like a training partner that doesn’t complain about the early morning workouts.

Garmin Instinct 2 Triathlon Watch Review

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Is It Cheap or Expensive?

In the world of triathlon watches, the Garmin Instinct 2 sits in a sweet spot. It’s not going to break your bank. It’s like getting a high-end gadget for a mid-range price.


Easy to Use?

For beginners, this watch is a breeze. It’s user-friendly enough that you won’t need to spend hours figuring it out. Think of it as an intuitive gadget that gets you from the couch to the finish line without a steep learning curve.


Triathlon Modes?

This is where the Instinct 2 shines. The dedicated triathlon modes make it a no-brainer for multi-sport athletes. You get tailored data for swimming, cycling, and running, ensuring you’re not just tracking activity, but optimizing it.



Absolutely. With a 100m water resistance, it’s more than ready for your open-water swims and pool sessions. It’s like having a watch that loves water as much as you do.


Reliable GPS?

The GPS on this thing is like a homing pigeon – accurate and reliable. Whether you’re running trails or cycling through the city, it keeps track of your route with pinpoint precision.


Heart Rate Monitor?

The heart rate monitor is continuous and includes 24/7 bpm tracking. It’s like having a mini cardiologist on your wrist, keeping tabs on your heart health and workout intensity.


Long Battery?

The battery life is a beast. 28 days in smartwatch mode and 30 hours with GPS. If you opt for the solar version, it’s like tapping into infinite power, at least for some modes.


Quick Transitions?

For triathletes, the transition support is a game-changer. It smoothly transitions between activities, meaning you’re not fumbling around with your watch when switching from bike to run. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s always one step ahead.


Custom Display?

The customizable display means you can tweak it to show what matters to you. It’s not just about data; it’s about data that’s relevant to your training and goals.


Data Sync?

Data analysis and connectivity are top-notch. With Garmin Pay and Connect IQ, you’re not just working out; you’re part of a connected ecosystem that tracks and analyzes your progress.



The range of alerts, including heart rate zones and environmental notifications, keeps you informed and safe. It’s like having a guardian angel who’s also a personal trainer.



Built to military standards, this watch can take a beating. Whether it’s dust, shocks, or the occasional bump, it’s designed to last. It’s like having a tank on your wrist.


Sensor Ready?

Compatibility with additional sensors makes it a versatile tool. Whether you need a foot pod for running or a bike power meter, it connects effortlessly, turning good training into great training.


Would I Recommend It?

Given its features, price, and durability, I’d recommend the Garmin Instinct 2 for any triathlete, especially beginners. It’s like having a coach, navigator, and data analyst, all wrapped around your wrist at a relatively affordable price.

Garmin Instinct 2 Triathlon Watch Verdict

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