Benefits of a Triathlon Watch


What are the benefits of a triathlon watch, how does one come handy in a triathlon?

Almost everywhere you look, people say triathlon watches are super useful and that every athelete needs one. I for one have heard that there are people who get more enjoyment out of triathlon without one. So, do you even need a triathlon watch, how useful are these triathlon watches exactly, what are they used for and how?


Triathlon Watch Versus a Regular Sports Watch

A simple sports watch can time your activities. A GPS sports watch can do the same, but also track your speed and/or pace while also measuring distance. So what does a triathlon watch do in comparison? What more  would you want from a watch anyway? On the outside, they might not look any different from one another.

The ultimate triathlon watch is waterproof, longlasting, has GPS and multiple modes for each discipline while also being able to track more than just your speed, measure distance, time your activities and monitor hearth rate. They also have functionalities like Race Predictor, Recovery time and more. Above all, they’ve got the triathlon mode. They’re compatible with external cadence sensors, connect you to apps like TrainingPeaks, Strava, etc, measure additional data like your Ground Contact Time, Vertical Oscillation, swimming efficiency, stroke length, and, again, more.

Ultimate triathlon watch

Simply put, a triathlon watch provides additional triathlon specific data to make your triathlon training and racing more efficient. You don’t really need a triathlon watch, but they can be pretty useful to track your overall progress at the very least.


Triathlon Watch Has More Specific Functions

Triathlon has 3 disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Most sports watches cover them separately, or if all of them, superficially. A triathlon watch is designed with all 3 in mind while providing extra activity tracking modes, functionalities and widgets as a bonus.

For an effective triathlon training, having an accurate tracking record and overview of those 3 disciplines is not only motivating, it’s also useful stuff to be aware of (whether you’re improving and where to improve something, etc). This is where a triathlon watch comes into play. It can track them all and goes beyond just the basic data in ways no other watch does. All that makes your life easier as the watch does most of the troublesome thinking for you while allowing you to focus on the training or the race.

A triathlon watch makes your life easier

In swim, on top of being able to measure distance, speed and other typical data both in the pool and in the open water, a high end tri watch can also count your swim strokes and measure swimming efficiency. In both indoor and outdoor cycling, it can connect to external cycling sensors for even more data on top of the usual speed, distance, etc. Same thing with running both in an indoor and an outdoor environment. And it goes even beyond that, it can make suggestions on the needed recovery time inbetween training sessions, track even your sleep, calories, temperature, heart rate, etc. It basically does everything to support you in your triathlon training, stuff you wouldn’t even have considered, not only just to track but to also help you improve your training results.


Do You Need All the Benefits of a Triathlon Watch?

The “ultimate” triathlon watch sounds like a useful tool, but the best of the best can be costly. And, unless you’re an Elite triathlete, chances are you don’t even need nor want all of those features it comes with.

You can get something for your needs for cheap. Like really cheap, low-cost, budget friendly, etc. Bare in mind that there will be people who know how to make the most out of every single feature a triatlon watch can possibly have in their training, and they wouldn’t settle for anything less than that for you either. Besides, their cheap might be a top of the line watch to an average user. There are also those who look for a watch solely based on what fits well with their training schedule.

You don't "need" a tri watch, but you'll probably want one

In case you didn’t have their needs and you weren’t really looking to go all out on this sport, a simple cheaper tri watch might do just fine.


Types and Brands of Triathlon Watches

There aren’t too many types and brands of watch out there that would satisfy the needs of a triathlete, though there are some. There’s the leading brand Garmin, also popular are Polar, Suunto, Timex, and the newer brands making tri watches Amazfit, Coros, GoLife, and Epson.

The price can vary quite a bit, starting from around 200€ for a decent enough tri watch to 500€ or more for the latest tri watch.


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