Why Do Triathlon? Why Do People Do It?

If you are a fitness freak and aware of the latest craze of the health and fitness world,  you must be quite familiar with the term Triathlon. But what is it and why do people do it?

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What Is a Triathlon?

Triathlon is an aerobic multisport involving swimming, cycling and running. There’s more to it than just swim-bike-run though.

Things like nutrition, training & training plans, insurance, bike care & maintenance costs, swimming in a pool is not the same as swimming in open waters, importantce of high quality gear for warm/cold weather, and a lot more… Almost everything gets a new important meaning.

You even start to question your basic running technique, as that too can be very complex if you’ve never paid attention to how to properly run before and have gotten used to poor running forms.

Another common scenario is where after the bike leg a triathlete can’t catch the right running rhythm. The “blood pooling” effect is responsible for problems going from long cycling session to running. During exercise, the blood is delivered to the hardest working muscles as this helps in maintaining the efficient oxygen supply where needed at the time. So for example, when going from a long biking session to running without a pause, you’ll feel like you have bricks for legs for a few miles. But you can’t take that pause in a triathlon.


Why Do People Get Into Triathlon? Why Do They Do It?

In my point of view, people do triathlon mainly because they’re too invested in it.

It usually starts with having the need to do some healthier activity. You get suggested taking up on triathlon and you might think to yourself: “well how hard can it be?” You might even say it out loud. At this point, you’ve said or thought wrong. And this is where the magic happens.

On paper, it would be easy to say that you were wrong once you start to dig deeper and realize it’s not that simple after all. Pretty sure you have enough respect for yourself and others that admitting to being wrong wouldn’t be an issue. But the thing is, it’s not about being right or wrong. You kind of don’t want to admit to it because there’s a teeny-tiny chance that you can beat the odds. It does align with your goal of being healthier, after all, so why drop the idea, right? Once you’ve signed up for a short-distance beginner triathlon event, you have many reasons to prepare for it by cutting the slack.

In my point of view, people I know, including myself, do triathlon mainly because they’re too invested in it. The more a person invests in it, the more reason to continue doing it. At some point, it becomes a lifestyle. And it’s not a bad one either, which again is just another reason to continue doing triathlons.


Benefits of Practicing Triathlon

Cycling helps in shaping up the quadriceps and buttocks. During a quick change from cycling to running, the body needs some time to adapt to the new situation. An additional shock for our body is the fact that during the run we enter the higher ranges of heart rate.

Continue reading to understand the basic advantages of practicing Triathlon:

  • It causes a significant reduction in muscle shock accustomed to the specific job of riding a bicycle. A characteristic feature of muscle work on a bicycle is their limited and uniform motion.
  • It makes your muscles working while cycling. Then, while we effectively start running, it makes our muscles to use their full potential. To perform Triathlon perfectly, you need time and the right combination of training.


How to Practice Triathlon?

You can combine two disciplines into one workout. This will save your valuable time. It gives a double benefit by saving time and developing good muscle strength.

If you have a problem with taking out time for working out, shorten your cycling training by 10-30 minutes and change it into Triathlon. In the beginning, you can go for a few kilometers of a free run. As you approach the target, you can apply a 4-week action plan.

In the first week run 20 minutes at a slower pace, in the second week run 10 minutes lightly, 5 minutes at the starting pace and 10 minutes slowly. In the third week, run 10 minutes at the starting pace and 20 minutes slowly, and in the fourth week 5 minutes at the starting pace, 5 minutes slowly, 5 minutes at the starting pace and again, 5 minutes slowly.

Once you get accustomed to Triathlon, you can skip the third week and start running for a distance of 3-5km straight after cycling. It’s best to do it on a track. At the end of the training, run a few minutes on a treadmill.


How To Motivate Yourself for Triathlon?

Give Triathlon Training a Priority

Washing, cleaning or cooking- what’s exactly stopping you from practicing Triathlon? It’s time to change priorities! And stop looking for excuses. A few pots in the sink is not really a problem, you can cook every second or third day, and clean-up is enough to do once a week. Stick to the training for the remaining days!


Run In the Evening

If every time you set the alarm clock with the intention of running before work, you fail in the morning, because it turns out that you “just do not have the strength to get up”. Better, you change the plan and start running in the afternoon or evening.


Take Self Evaluations

A triathlon watch can keep tabs on your performance during training sessions as a means of feedback on how you’re improving and where you could be more efficient.

On a sidenote, do you ever dream of getting a new piece of clothing, shoes or technical gear that you have recently spotted in a shopping mall or e-shop? Buy them yourself, but only when you pass 5 long runs and 5 speed trainings, or after you’ve reached some other sporty goal!


Watch Movies That Has A Theme Related to Running

Watch some motivating movies like Chariots of Fire and Man of the Ring.


Find a Partner for Running

Maybe there is a runner in your neighborhood.  Speak to him/her. Maybe you can run together. Also, make a sensible training plan. You can also buy a tri watch that’s designed to be your virtual training partner & coach (with a heart rate monitor and much more) that saves your progress.


Motivate Yourself

Did you know? At the time of performing Triathlon, we burn 500-800 kilocalories (depending on the intensity of the run and your body weight). If you need additional motivating results, you can choose the right training mode for your goals.


Find the Goal for Each Training

This may include getting fit for a given time or performing a certain number of repetitions. It’s important that you know clearly why you go for practicing Triathlon. Usually by signing up for an easier triathlon even alone can be motivating enough to get off the couch.


Take a massage

If you practice Triathlon, take relaxing massage and let the blood circulate throughout the body. Yet another reason to do a triathlon.


Follow motivational quotes

Create a list of inspirational quotes and hang them in a visible place.  You can hang them all together one under the other, or one at different places in the home. Good locations are the door of the fridge, the mirror of your wardrobe or the bathroom. Take pride in doing triathlons.


Practice in the mornings on the Weekends

If possible, plan your workouts in the morning on the weekends. Many people find it easier to motivate themselves in the morning. In the weekend afternoons, there may always be some engagements that will stop you to attend training.


To keep practicing Triathlon eagerly, pay for each well-done workout or for a certain number of miles during the week. Treat yourself!  Did you start in half marathons and street marathons for a long time and you were bored with “tapping” asphalt? Maybe it’s time to look for some variety? You can try out adventure racing, mountain passes, and mountain runs as well in Triathlon. Keep working out and stay evergreen by practicing Triathlon every day!


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